If we define liberty as the person’s ability to pursue to the fullest the development of their physical, social and mental capabilities, unique to them, then Universal Basic Income is surely a complete necessity in the assurance of liberty. No longer will humans be forced to carry out work that physically exhausts and mentally drains them, always threatened with the ever-present menace of unemployment, quickly replaced by a member of the reserve labour of the Capitalist class, the unemployed. Instead they will be able to enjoy freely the labour of their passions, and without being haunted by the ghost of destitution.

The common source of contention amongst Libertarian Socialists, of whether to distribute resources to the general masses through central administration without price, or in a free market where each of us buys food with fair wages earned when we “give what we can”, will be gone; The truly free market will allow every citizen to purchase food organically and for themselves without the burden of a “red bureaucracy”, and still each of us will receive our entitlement to food and some other necessities, simply by the virtue of being humans first and citizens second.